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Drawing Wealth with Rosemary and Other Herbs

easy money spells

You’ll find rosemary in almost any spell because, as witches say, any witch worth his or her name should never be without rosemary.

This herb is identified more with love, youth, protection and health, but it’s actually an all-around herb.

  • Rosemary is a sacred herb. It is the herb of choice to cleanse a ritual space and to purify vibrations before performing any major spell.
  • One of the magical attributes of rosemary is its association with the sun, for which it is called a solar herb. As such, it can stand in for just about any other solar herb used in prosperity and money spells.
  • protection spellsSince rosemary is an herb for protection,

    it is also typically used with other herbs in performing various spells for a business venture or for attracting good luck and fortune.

Cleanse before a money spell

Cleansing is an important step to dispel negativities and draw positive energies before doing any magical spell.

  1. Incense

To use as incense, set the herb on burning charcoal. Allow the smoke to waft through your home or business space. This will cleanse, reenergize, and bless your surrounding space.

  1. Earth, air, water, and fire

Heat a pot of water on a stove (fire). Drop rosemary leaves (earth) in the pot. Allow to boil. Allow the steam (air) to pervade your space.

Stir the herbs, chant your spell, and fill your mind with your goals and intentions.

After this, remove the leaves. Use the water to wipe door knobs and to sprinkle on the ground of your entryway.

In a protection spell, the use of rosemary with the four elements not only purifies and protects, it also connects you to the natural elements of your business. This is vital to any incantation.

Draw wealth with rosemary

Here are our suggestions on how you may benefit from rosemary’s magical money-drawing effects.

  1. Substitute for other herbs

Rosemary can be used to substitute for other solar herbs used in money spells. Some of these herbs are angelica (for luck and gambling), bay leaves (for success), and cinnamon (money and prosperity).

In businesses, rosemary is used in performing rituals to boost mental clarity and to straighten out legal conflicts.

  1. Combine with other herbs

Find young rosemary, basil, thyme, and parsley plants. Transfer seedlings to small decorative pots, and arrange them near your entryway.

This will help attract customers and buyers to your business place or venture.

  1. Brew a tea with other dried herbs

Mix dried rosemary leaves with other available dried herbs. We suggest any of these herbs to go with rosemary:

  • Basil – financial success

  • Allspice – business luck

  • Chamomile – good luck, gambler’s luck

  • Cinnamon – money

  • Bay leaves – success and money

  • Peppermint – good fortune

  • Mint – increase money

  • Garlic – to speed up wealth

Pour several spoonfuls of the herb blend into a pot of water. Bring to a boil, allow to steep, and cool. Use the liquid to wash hands, wipe door knobs, and sprinkle around the house or business space. Do this while you recite your spell.

easy money spells

  1. Make a magical sachet

The blend of dried herbs (same as above) also works as incense or charm. As a charm, simply fill a gold sachet with the dried herbs.

Other color options that attract money and success are green, copper, silver, and orange.

Tuck it wherever you go or place it inside the cash register.

Protect your money-making venture

Business, career, and other financial ventures obviously need protection.

  1. Start by smudging

Protection spells often begin with smudging. Allow rosemary sprigs to dry. Combine the sprigs with other dried herbs and flowers. You may use sage, chamomile, and rose petals. Gather all the dried plants into a bundle. Use a cotton strip or twine to twist around the bundle, making sure that you have a sturdily bound stick. If using fresh plants, allow 2-3 weeks to air-dry the bound bundle. Afterwards, it’s ready for smudging.

  1. Use as carry-around amulet  

The magical sachet mentioned above can be tailored for protection purposes.

Similarly, fill a sachet with a blend of rosemary and other herbs.

The color of the sachet can either be black or light blue. Aside from rosemary, you may use basil, lavender, black pepper, and parsley. Recite your intention or protection spell as you fill the small drawstring bag with the herbs. Carry this amulet on your person or place it inside your wallet. You may also want to hang it on your car’s rear view mirror or above the doorway.

Final thoughts

Use the herbs with respect. Understand fully the symbolism and power of your ingredients.

Perform your money spells on a Thursday or a Sunday after the new moon but before the full moon.

Visualize your goals and intentions every step of the way. We wish you blessings and abundance!

easy money spells

How to Make Love Spells

love spells

With a Simple Herb Found in Your Garden – Thats the Magic of Rosemary

easy money spellsRosemary is called by many names, “incensier” being one of them. Like myrrh and frankincense, it was used as incense in ancient times.

Before important rituals took place, sprigs of rosemary were burned for cleansing and protection.

It was an important symbol used in wedding ceremonies to ensure fidelity in marriage. It also meant abiding love and friendship. In more modern times, we find this symbolism in many things, including magical formulas and love spells.

Rosemary as a symbol of love and sexuality

Scientifically, the herb is called Rosmarinus officinalis. Its genus, Rosmarinus, is of Latin origin which means “dew of the sea”.

The herb has strong ties with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Myths have it that Aphrodite was born from the foaming waters (aphros) of thlove spells that worke sea which brought her to the shores of Cyprus. She was often depicted with myrtle and rosemary draped around her.

Both being “natives of the Mediterranean”, so to speak, the association between Aphrodite and rosemary is preordained. As Aphrodite is symbolic of love, beauty, and procreation, so is rosemary referenced as aphrodisiac with suggestions of virility and fertility. Inevitably, rosemary too has become a symbol of love and sexuality.

Rosemary in ancient love rituals and spells

easy money spellsRosemary is one from ancient times. Brides braided rosemary as tiaras and also carried sprigs in their bouquets. Grooms pinned twigs on their sleeve or breast. It was also common practice to dip rosemary in the wine that newly-weds drank in their wedding reception.

Couples believed that rosemary helped them remember their wedding vows of enduring love.

To say that rosemary has a varied history embellished with lore and legend is an understatement. It had been deeply intertwined in beliefs, art, medicine, and tradition. It had been extensively used in rituals, baptisms, weddings, and burials. Not a few tales about gods and goddesses, queens and emperors, as well as fairies and witches surrounded this herb. As a result, more recent magical rituals are a crisscross of practices from various religions and cultures.

Modern charms and love spells that work

Don’t you sometimes think you need a little magic? Or perhaps wish to add zing to your humdrum life? Well, we have a couple of spells that we’d love to share. They don’t require elaborate procedures and materials. There won’t be any complex incantations or need for supernatural interventions. And yes, you won’t need to make donations to online witches.

These are simple love spells that use rosemary and a few supplies from your pantry or your desk.

It will need your time and a little creativity – not at all complicated.

Love spell to draw attention through the mail

Prepare yourself and your room. Make sure you’re alone and the room is quiet. Take a relaxing bath, play soothing music, and fill your thoughts with love.

Burn some incense using rosemary sprigs. This will expel negativity, cleanse the surrounding air, and welcome blessings. Collect your thoughts and clarify your intentions. Don’t wish for a specific person or name. Instead, fill your mind about attracting a person who possesses the qualities that you wish for.

Write a letter or a poem to that ideal person, what you like about him or her and how you want your friendship or relationship to grow. Don’t rush. Write everything in your mind and heart. When you’re done, put your letter in an envelope along with rosemary leaves. Seal and stamp the envelope. Address and mail it to yourself.

When you receive your self-addressed envelope, keep it unopened.

The spell starts working by attracting your ideal person towards you.

Keep an open mind. This won’t bring love knocking at your door, but the spell will influence the right energies and attention toward you. Only open the envelope when you think that the right person has found you.

Love spell for that unforgettable impression

Say, you’ve attracted someone who looks like the person of your dreams.

Finally, you’re going to your first date. Wouldn’t it be a good time to have that person literally spellbound?

Of course, it is. Here’s how to make your mark.

First, take a bath. Not much of a tip, huh? Well, actually, take two baths. The first one is your regular bath. The second will be your ritual bath. Fill the tub with warm water. Fill it with rosemary sprigs. (Just a practical note: Don’t remove leaves from the stem as this will be difficult to clean your tub later.) You may add rose petals, also a potent love spell ingredient.

Soak in the warm bath, let the scents engulf your senses, and visualize happy thoughts about a future relationship. Just before you leave the house, dab a little rosemary oil behind your ears for that memorable impression.

Rosemary and the right attitude about spells

When working your spell, be at peace with yourself. These spells, the love bath ritual particularly, are more about loving yourself than about loving others. It is about finding your inner god.

Spells are not meant to hurt others, or make a person want you simply because you want him or her to. What they are meant to do is pave the way for the right person to discover you.

Rosemary makes a strong love spell but the right attitude binds all the aspects together for a more effective spell.

easy money spells